Hair Restoration

By injecting exosomes and growth factors, it has been clinically shown to help regenerate and regrow hair as a treatment for hair loss in both men and women in the earlier stages of hair loss.

Exosomes prolong the hair growth cycle. Hair follicles stuck in the telogen phase (resting phase) convert to the anegan (growth phase) and prolong the cycle.

Our hair restoration program consists of once monthly exosome scalp treatments (6 treatments), a 6 month supply of specially compounded scalp foam made of not only high strength minoxidil but with added GHK-CU (copper peptide) and lastly 12 lightstim pro panel sessions to help increase circulation to the scalp area.

How are exosome treatments different from PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments?

The drawback of using PRP is it does not provide any stem cells or exosomes because as we age our bodies contain less and less stem cells in our blood. In addition to age being a factor, the patient’s health is also very critical to the quality of PRP harvested.