Dark Eye Circles- Treatments In Duluth

Tired Looking Eyes?

One of the most aging things on your face can be a dark circle under your eyes. Although people may think you are exhausted, stressed, depressed or older than you are (these skin concerns can add several years to your chronological age in some cases), dark circles and
puffiness are not caused by any of those issues.

What Causes Dark Circles?

Tiny blood vessels, which have burst, are the culprit behind your dark under eye circles. When you bruise on another part of your body, the capillaries burst and blood cells break down, and result in dark blue or black areas on your skin. It’s the same with the area under your eyes – the capillaries in this area are so tiny, the blood cells can only pass through in a single file, which is why the result is a thin line of bruising. What’s behind these burst capillaries?

  • Genetics – weaker capillaries may have been passed down and are more prone to bursting.
  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Sun exposures, which activates melanin production
  • Allergies – itchy eyes from an allergic reaction can mean you rub your eyes, bursting hundreds of capillaries
  • Smoking, fumes, air pollution, bright lights
  • Aging – your skin thins as you age and the blood vessels below the surface become more visible. The layer of fatty tissue everyone has under their eyes also thins, leaving behind a hollow, which accentuates these dark moons.