Acne & Scarring Treatments In Duluth

What Causes Acne & Scarring?

Acne occurs when pores and hair follicles become clogged with dirt, oils, and excess skin sebum. Acne scarring results from extensive damage from recurring acne breakouts, which can break down the skin barrier over time. 

While every person can experience acne, and causes may vary, some general factors can result in an acne outbreak:

  • Genetics – While there is no specific acne gene, research shows that genetics do play a role in whether you are prone to acne.
  • Skin Type – Oiler skin types may experience more acne than those with drier skin types.
  • Hormones – Although acne first occurs during puberty, hormonal imbalances and changes can cause acne — even into adulthood. Hence, many women notice they break out more during ovulation and their periods. 
  • Diet – Eating foods high in fats, sugars, and salts can cause acne to flare up.
  • Certain Medications – There is evidence that certain medications and supplements can cause acne breakouts. Before starting any medication, it’s important to be aware of the side effects that come along with it.
  • Oil-Based Products – Greasy or oil-based makeup products can cause pores to become clogged. That is why it’s important to always wash your face at the end of the day.
  • Picking or popping existing pimples can make acne worse and increase the risk of scarring.

Acne & Scarring Treatments

Duluth Med Spa offers a variety of treatments that target, heal, and even prevent acne and acne scarring. Many of these treatments can be combined for maximum skin-clearing effects. 

Acne & Scarring Products

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Ready to combat acne and scarring and embrace clear rejuvenated skin? 

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