Sexual Health

At Duluth Med Spa, we are thrilled to introduce our brand-new hYm services dedicated to sexual health! Our team of expert physicians is here to offer you physician-administered injections to improve your sexual health, well-being, and overall confidence. 

One of our proudest offerings is the revolutionary MagnYm procedure, a cutting-edge treatment that not only enhances sexual function but also improves the appearance of the male anatomy.

On top of that, we’re excited to provide the popular sYlk treatment, fondly known as Scrotox, which addresses concerns related to excessive sweating and scrotal aesthetics. Rest assured that our experienced professionals are highly skilled in administering these specialized injections, ensuring safe and effective results for our patients.

Embark on your journey with hYm services today, and experience the transformative power of our physician-administered treatments. Discover newfound confidence and satisfaction through personalized sexual health care right here at Duluth Med Spa! Reach out and schedule your appointment now!