What should everyone know about weight Loss?

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Most of us have tried to lose weight, and I think many of us have tried several methods. The first is to eat less and exercise more. This can be effective, but when it is not, then the answer is often to try to eat even less and exercise even more! Eventually, going down this path becomes unsustainable, and there are many reasons why this approach doesn’t always work.

When this method fails, we hit the internet and find thousands of svelte well, muscled people promising weight loss if we follow unusual diets, take certain supplements or buy expensive equipment. If you have tried any of these methods and failed, this post may give you some insight into failures and successes. 

The Challenges facing weight loss

There are many barriers to losing weight. We all know that having extra weight causes joint and back pain, making it difficult to even start to exercise. Healthy diets are difficult when schedules are tight, and we often eat more when stressed. 

As we dive deeper into what is preventing us from getting to our ideal weight, we may find that many of the medications that we need to take are causing weight gain. The final challenge is how our body’s metabolism changes as we age. Women are particularly vulnerable to this as we approach and enter menopause (as if we need MORE issues during that time!)

Aging Young Solutions can help you achieve your weight loss goals. We offer proven treatments, and our goal is to make you feel and look great. These are new treatments that are safe, science-based, and effective. As you start to see and feel results, it will be easier for you to regain the healthy lifestyle you want. The information below goes into some detail on what we offer and why it works.

What Are Semaglutide Injections?

Semaglutide is a Protein found in our bodies. Our bodies can signal our cells via hormones and Proteins, and semaglutide is a Protein that provides the way for cells that govern a part of our metabolism to communicate with each other.

Doctors originally used semaglutide to help treat type II Diabetes. It helps lower blood sugar levels by blocking glucagon, which raises blood sugar. What they found was that in addition to helping control blood sugar, it had a profound effect on weight loss. Even in people without Diabetes, the weight loss effect was extremely powerful. It is important to note that in people without type two Diabetes, it did not cause low blood sugar levels, making it effective for almost anyone to use.

The way semaglutide affects weight loss is now well known. It signals the brain that your stomach is full, even with small amounts of food. You crave less food, resulting in weight loss. It also helps the body control higher blood sugar levels, making you feel better as well.

All of using your body’s natural chemistry to safely control your weight

Gastric Bypass results without Gastric Bypass Surgery

The effectiveness of weekly injections of semaglutide is well documented. This newest treatment is twice as effective as any current prescription weight loss medication.

In the largest study of Semaglutide to date, weekly injections caused an average of 14 to 15% body weight loss, with 32% of participants losing 20% more other starting weight.

It is an extremely powerful tool. The injection is very tiny, but a single injection works for an entire week on your body.

Additional Tools to help with weight loss

An additional supplement we feel is important to offer to help with weight loss and boost your health is the MIC Lipo Injection (with added B vitamin complex).

These can be used with semaglutide to help weight loss or used with diet and exercise to augment weight loss. 

Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) is known as lipotropic (lipo for short), which are compounds that help break down fat. 

Methionine is an essential amino acid, meaning your body can’t make it. Our body uses it to make creatine, which helps increase the body’s muscle ratio to fat. Methionine and exercise have demonstrated increased bone density than exercise alone, an added benefit. 

Inositol is considered a member of the B vitamin family, but it helps the liver break down fats in the body. Combined with the other elements in the MIC injection, it allows your body to make lecithin, which also aids in fat metabolism.

Choline is also essential for fat metabolism and assists in the detoxification reactions in the liver by a process called methylation. It is also used to make the neurotransmitters in our brain. Choline deficiency can result in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, so it is an important nutrient for our health.

B-vitamins are also included in these injections. They not only help with energy but have the added benefit of preventing nausea, one of the most common side effects of semaglutide.

This combination of lipotropic and vitamins is specifically designed to maximize fat metabolism, boost energy, and have been found to result in improved mental function.

Aging Young Solutions Weight Loss Treatments

Through Aging Young Solutions, you can have access to effective weight loss treatments. Schedule a free consultation through our contact form, phone number at 218-481-1800, or email at info@agingyoungsolutions.com. You can find us at 2522 Maple Grove Road, Duluth, MN 55811, United States.

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